Trident Enterprises | Photography: Blog en-us (C) Trident Enterprises | Photography (Trident Enterprises | Photography) Sun, 15 Jul 2018 13:11:00 GMT Sun, 15 Jul 2018 13:11:00 GMT Trident Enterprises | Photography: Blog 120 80 Demolition in Oshawa... 'Pro Wrestling Eclipse' held their event at the Oshawa Legion on May 13, 2018.

It has been a while since I covered a 'Pro Wrestling Eclipse' event in Oshawa and as much as I love giving back to the community, this will be my last coverage of a Wrestling Event.

Wrestling is a lot of fun and for those who have not attended these events, you are definitely missing out... The Wrestlers put on a stellar show and the crowd loves them. One quickly finds their favourite among the wrestlers and become an ardent fan.

A popular sport indeed and 'Sean Murley' of 'Pro Wrestling Eclipse' puts on a great show. Check out their Facebook page to keep abreast of up coming events and while you are perusing, give their page a like.

Happy Wrestling people... Click here to view pictures of Pro Wrestling Eclipse's 'Demolition 2018' 

Demolition - May 13, 2018Demolition - May 13, 2018


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Remembering 2017 Trident Enterprises Photography had the opportunity in meeting up and capturing some great photography with very talented models and individuals alike.  2017 was a productive year.... Many thanks to all the Models, Make up Artists, Studio Owners, Clients and Friends. May the New Year bring good health, love and prosperity to all...

Trident Enterprises Photography








Click on the image below to view the slide show on Youtbe


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Christmas 2017 This year I figured a total change of scenery... No 'Snow', no biting cold winds to contend with and most of all 'No Shovelling' the white stuff off the driveway!!!

Destination Christmas was 'The Bahamas'...

From the time we arrived at Pearson till we landed back on home soil, our escape was one word... INCREDIBLE! 

The WestJet Flight was a quick 3 hours and 6 minutes and with me surfing on Wi-Fi, the flight was a breeze. As we entered the terminal building I was thrilled to see a three piece band jamin' out some island music, too bad no photos were allowed. The band's music was felt by most standing in line for customs and immigration, as it was hard not to get your feet tapping, saying the least. 

Over the years I have checked into many hotels, but this was my first experience where the front desk is an artistically decorated room with comfy couches to lounge while the staff gets your documents and room prepared (We did arrive quite early). There was also appetizers and a mini bar for the guests, unbelievable! Talk about first impressions. 

This was the view from our room....  Enough said!

Nassau, Bahamas


And... that was just the beginning of our stay in Nassau, Bahamas. The rest is history!

Click here to view some of the pictures @ Trident Enterprises Photography client portal...

Click here to view a slide show on YouTube! 



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Glenn' Birthday 2017 First on the agenda was crossing the border and head over to my favourite store, T.J Max... Once shopping was out of the way, next stop was Casino Niagara. Lady luck was not on my side, but I had a blast. Did justice at 'Thunder Falls' (Buffett Lunch) and came back to Canada. No line up at the border made for a quick drive across to our Hotel. Great Memories and a wonderful time in Buffalo and Niagara in New York State...

Took this picture on leaving Seneca Niagara... Christmas decorations and music everywhere. 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas'...

Seneca Niagara


Once checked in the hotel and fired up the laptop, I was really surprised to learn that Google creates a Doodle for your birthday... We are totally being stalked and monitored :)


Here's a view from the 30th floor, unfortunately this was short lived. The epic view was replaced with fast dull grey moving clouds leaving water droplets on our windows.

View from the Room...


Starting off the evening some sparkling stuff... and showing off my skills.... LOL

Of course it did not go as planned...Needless to say the Bubbliness went well with the Matured 15 years. 

Moet & Chandon Celebration with Moet & Chandon


So much for capturing 'Fireworks' in the 'Festival for lights'... Visibility close to Zero :(

So, yes the fireworks was a right off... We were so hoping it would clear up just for the duration, but the sound of the exploding bursts was the only thing we could experience that night. So, the camera gear was torn down and we headed over to Fallsview Casino for a quick game of slots (not to waste the time)  :)

Festival of Lights :(




Sunday, November 19th....

Here is a view from the room, the Morning after the Night before.... :) Always got to do one of these shots!!! 

American and Canadian Falls

It was unfortunate that I could not document the festival of lights or the Fireworks..... Mother nature has her ways and we will always loose to her. All and all it was time well spent, both in the US and Canada. Until the next adventure at the Falls.... Cheers!!!


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Niagara Falls - 2017 Excited to visit one of my favourite places... Niagara Falls here we come...

Canadian FallsAn artistic interpretation


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Kate Snig in Toronto Kate Snig, a professional and published model from Vancouver, BC focuses on Fine Art Nude, Erotic Art, Fashion and Select Film. 

This was my first experience with Kate and I have to say, it was simply amazing. With little or no direction she went through her poses seamlessly, which is always a plus for a person behind the camera. She has a very pleasant personality and takes direction very well. 

Kate has loads of experience as a model and with here sense of fashion and artistic themes, she is outstanding!!! 

Click on the image to visit the gallery or click here to view the 'Artistic Nude Section'...

Follow Kate on Instagram and Facebook...

Kate Snig - High Fashion

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Summer Breeze An early morning shoot in Port Oshawa. I love the morning light, specially by the water... It's Magical :)

Today shoot was capturing the lovely Nataliee C. Grenier on a gorgeous day summer day in Oshawa. Most of the shoot was with Natural Lighting, modifiers and diffusers. 


Click here to view additional pictures...

Nataliee C. GrenierNataliee C. Grenier

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Washington DC - 2017 I love 'Road Trips'... This time we decided to stretch the driving time a bit and picked Washington DC. We left around 1:00 am on Friday and made Washington in around 2:30 pm. From checking into the Hotel to leaving the city is was non stop (on the move). Since we were there just for a long weekend, time had to be utilized wisely. I have to say we covered most of the attractions and still had time to savour the delicious food/fine dining DC has to offer!!!

Here is link to most of the attractions and sites visited... Let's see if you can guess the various locations in the slide show... :)

Washington DC - 2017

This link covers the inside of Madame Tussauds in Washington DC

Madame Tussauds

Please leave some comments...

Arlington Cemetery - Washington DC


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Cassidoria in Toronto A Toronto based Published model... Blonde hair and those Blue/Green Eyes says it all...

Click here (website) to see additional images or here (YouTube) for a slide show! You can contact Cassidoria on Instagram and Facebook


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The JOY of Spring As the clouds gathered around in the Durham region, I was contemplating whether I should venture out to my photo shoot at High Park in Toronto. Needless to say I braved the situation and drove in….

For the most part it was overcast with even light everywhere, perfect lighting for an outdoor shoot in my opinion. 10:00 A.M. start time is a bit late for a Saturday (especially in summer) in High Park as Torontonians get an early start with their activities. This makes it difficult in getting a clear shot with the model and the surroundings, not to mention the odd photographer trying to sneak a shot of the model while pretending to shoot strict nature…

The temperature was not very comfortable at the beginning of the shoot, even at 10:00 AM., but our model Joy Kidston was right into it from the get go!

Joy KidstonJoy Kidston

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Old Montreal - 2017 A few shots on my walk about in ‘Old Montreal’…

It was an Easter long weekend and the weather was perfect. Anyone who knows me knows I love overcast skies to shoot in. Out here on ‘Good Friday’ it was a mixture of Sun and clouds, which contributed the right amount of shadows. Notre-Dame Basilica was closed to the general public for sightseeing due to prayer sessions all through on Friday, so I did a quick tour before checking out of the hotel first thing in the morning on Saturday. It worked out well as tourists were down to bare minimum giving me plenty of time and space to get the shot.  

Click on the image below to view some of my images in a slide show.

Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, QuebecNotre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Quebec

All images are copyrighted by Trident Enterprises Photography.

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Pro Wrestling Eclipse - Caged Heat Pro Wrestling Eclipse held it’s last event at Simcoe Legion before the venue is going under major renovations. Hopefully, PWE will be back at the Legion to host their events later in the year but in the mean time they are already promoting their upcoming events at new venues.

Click here to visit Pro Wrestling Eclipse Facebook page for news and upcoming events...

The main event was a title shot between Cody Deanor and  Jake O’Riley in a steel cage and yes it was Caged Heat… !

The results below are courtesy of Joshua H…

Match 1: Tyler Tirva defeated Marc Haus.

Match 2: Triple Threat match Liam Worldwide pinned Kid Supremo and thus defeated Mystify.

After the match, Phil Atlas who was suspended from wrestling but purchased his own ticket and was sitting at ringside attacked all 3 wrestlers and was involved in a heated exchange with PWEclipse promoter Dr. Mask who called for security to remove Phil Atlas from the venue.

Match 3: Tag team Mach Joshua James and Chato who was replacing the absent Andrew Davis defeated Harley Davidson and Rage.

Match 4: The ladies match Leah Vaughn and Stacy Thibault ended in a double pin, both wrestlers shoulder were on the mat.

Match 5: John Atlas defeated the high risk Hero Rip Impact via a pin fall.

Match 6: Steel Cage Match for the PWEclipse Heavy Weight Championship, Cody Deaner defeated Jake O’Reilly after Joshua James tried to interfere only to be thwarted by Tyler Tirva.


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Pro Wrestling Eclipse - Strapped In Sunday afternoon Wrestling… Yet another Pro Wrestling Eclipse presentation, ‘Strapped In’ event.

The main bout was between Cody Deaner and Jake O’Reilly…


Please read the results below documented by by Joshua H.

Match 1: Singles Match - Joshua James vs Rob Rage
Result: Rage pinned James at 5:08

Match 2: Tag Team Match - Buck Gunderson & Mystify vs Kid Supremo & Liam Wolrldwide
Result: Gunderson pinned Kid Supremo in 8:43

Match 3: Singles Match - Phil Atlas vs Andrew Davis
Result: Davis pinned Atlas in 13:34 after Atlas hit a low blow on Davis

Match 4: Women's #1 Contender's Match - Leah Vaughan vs Xandra Bale
Result: Vaughan pinned Bale in 15:21 to become the #1 Contender to the PWE Flame Championship

Match 5: South Oshawa Street Fight Match for the PWE Heavyweight Championship - Jake O'Reilly(c) vs Cody Deaner
Result: Joshua James came to aid O'Reilly, but Andrew Davis came to save Deaner. However, Davis low blowed Deaner, turning on him and joining Jake and Joshua. O'Reilly pinned Deaner in 17:58

A beaten down Deaner asked for the mike, and then called Jake everything in the book , he also very strongly suggested that each and every month - there are run ins, interference and he has had enough of it.

Fans in the crowd started suggesting a cage match , which caught Deaners attention, and with each chorus of a cage match the crowd got louder and louder, until most everyone was calling for cage match, Deaner turned and looked at Dr Mask, who beckoned for his friend Harley Davidson , after some discussion between the two, it was agreed that a cage could be provided for April 2 which was welcomed by the crowd.

Click here to visit Pro Wrestling Eclipse Facebook page for news and upcoming events...

Phil Atlas and Andrew Davis


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Ballerina Shoot with Alayna Kellett First Photo Shoot with Della Pham at Vintage Light Studios in Toronto…

The Studio was amazing with an entire wall of windows, props and studio lights… we took due advantage of “natural light” on this beautiful sunny day for most of the sets.

Our dance model, Alayna Kellett was outstanding… She was very polite, professional and OMG so flexible. Watching Alayna go through her ballet motions and photography posses was just stunning, she flowed through the movements effortlessly.

All and all a great shoot… Thank you Dell and Alayna

Alayna KellettAlayna Kellett

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Pro Wrestling Eclipse - Kings & Queen For all you wrestling fans out there... Pro Wrestling Eclipse hosts the best wrestling events in Oshawa!!!  

In their February (February 19, 2017) event, for the very first time had a tournament to crown a Queen. Oshawa has it's very own King (Cody Deaner) who is very popular amongst his constituents and now Oshawa has a Queen... For the events results and stats visit the event page on Facebook, or simply click on the link below!

Kings and Queen

To view additional pictures of the event click on image below....


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Christmas Adventure at Briars Resort Generally we get away for Christmas to Niagara Falls, Ontario every year since 2012. This year we wanted to change it up and decided on 'The Briars', a resort and spa on Lake Simcoe approximately and hour's drive from Oshawa. The package we opted for was all inclusive commencing from December 23rd till December 26th. 

December 23rd

Arriving just in time for the 'Cider Welcome' greeted by the friendly and helpful staff we started our adventure... After scouting around the property we visited 'Our Spot' in The Manor', one of the few dining rooms on the property. Following dinner we joined 'Jim Cronk' for music and dancing and then cocktails in the 'Drink Water Lounge' before calling it a night.

December 24th 

Since we missed the Adult pool time the night before, we decided to capitalize first thing in the morning. Having the entire pool and hot tub exclusive to us was just amazing and we had to force ourselves to vacate. The rest of the day was packed with fun, starting with a sumptuous breakfast, sleigh ride, lunch, cocktails, dinner, dancing and christmas carols to end the night.  We opted out from a few events as we found a 'Pool Room' where we had to test our skills. Needless to say it was good time but happy no one else was around to watch the game. 

December 25th 

Yes we got our pool time in... The day started with a lavish Christmas Day buffet breakfast, bonfire, punch party with Hors d'oeuvres and an extravagant mid-day Christmas Feast with complimentary wine. The events continued with 'Christmas Character Bingo', a light super with complimentary drinks and last but not least a 'Celtic Party' with Tom Leadbeater in the Great Hall. 

December 26th

Our last day concluded with a Boxing day breakfast in 'Our Spot', while looking out at the freezing rain which had come down with vengeance. The view was picture perfect and we enjoyed it till the end of our breakfast, as we had to work it off scraping the ice from our vehicle before the ride home. 

All I can say is we will be back next year!!!

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