Pro Wrestling Eclipse - Caged Heat

April 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Pro Wrestling Eclipse held it’s last event at Simcoe Legion before the venue is going under major renovations. Hopefully, PWE will be back at the Legion to host their events later in the year but in the mean time they are already promoting their upcoming events at new venues.

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The main event was a title shot between Cody Deanor and  Jake O’Riley in a steel cage and yes it was Caged Heat… !

The results below are courtesy of Joshua H…

Match 1: Tyler Tirva defeated Marc Haus.

Match 2: Triple Threat match Liam Worldwide pinned Kid Supremo and thus defeated Mystify.

After the match, Phil Atlas who was suspended from wrestling but purchased his own ticket and was sitting at ringside attacked all 3 wrestlers and was involved in a heated exchange with PWEclipse promoter Dr. Mask who called for security to remove Phil Atlas from the venue.

Match 3: Tag team Mach Joshua James and Chato who was replacing the absent Andrew Davis defeated Harley Davidson and Rage.

Match 4: The ladies match Leah Vaughn and Stacy Thibault ended in a double pin, both wrestlers shoulder were on the mat.

Match 5: John Atlas defeated the high risk Hero Rip Impact via a pin fall.

Match 6: Steel Cage Match for the PWEclipse Heavy Weight Championship, Cody Deaner defeated Jake O’Reilly after Joshua James tried to interfere only to be thwarted by Tyler Tirva.



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