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Pro Wrestling Eclipse - Strapped In

March 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sunday afternoon Wrestling… Yet another Pro Wrestling Eclipse presentation, ‘Strapped In’ event.

The main bout was between Cody Deaner and Jake O’Reilly…


Please read the results below documented by by Joshua H.

Match 1: Singles Match - Joshua James vs Rob Rage
Result: Rage pinned James at 5:08

Match 2: Tag Team Match - Buck Gunderson & Mystify vs Kid Supremo & Liam Wolrldwide
Result: Gunderson pinned Kid Supremo in 8:43

Match 3: Singles Match - Phil Atlas vs Andrew Davis
Result: Davis pinned Atlas in 13:34 after Atlas hit a low blow on Davis

Match 4: Women's #1 Contender's Match - Leah Vaughan vs Xandra Bale
Result: Vaughan pinned Bale in 15:21 to become the #1 Contender to the PWE Flame Championship

Match 5: South Oshawa Street Fight Match for the PWE Heavyweight Championship - Jake O'Reilly(c) vs Cody Deaner
Result: Joshua James came to aid O'Reilly, but Andrew Davis came to save Deaner. However, Davis low blowed Deaner, turning on him and joining Jake and Joshua. O'Reilly pinned Deaner in 17:58

A beaten down Deaner asked for the mike, and then called Jake everything in the book , he also very strongly suggested that each and every month - there are run ins, interference and he has had enough of it.

Fans in the crowd started suggesting a cage match , which caught Deaners attention, and with each chorus of a cage match the crowd got louder and louder, until most everyone was calling for cage match, Deaner turned and looked at Dr Mask, who beckoned for his friend Harley Davidson , after some discussion between the two, it was agreed that a cage could be provided for April 2 which was welcomed by the crowd.

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Phil Atlas and Andrew Davis



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